Pest Management Guidance

Do you need help? Do you feel lost when you come to pest infestation? Let's answer some of the below questions.

  • Maybe you realise your pest infestation becoming worse and you wonder how to minimise it?
  • You have tried out different type of treatments but yet there is not improving and not up to your expectation?
  • You have done exclusion steps and yet the pest problems are still there?
  • You could be wondering, how to set an acceptance tolerance level for your pest infestation?
  • You might want to know what's the problem which blocking your way from getting a better result?

Those are just a few questions which I may be able to help you out via my pest management guidance.

The perfect way to get all the helps will be

You can engage me and my team to solve your pest infestation problems. You can hire us for one off or for the entire programme. We are good in understanding our customers' needs and we customise your programme. You will feel good and comfortable with it, just like tailor made your dress or suits.

We believe we will be able to help our customers to achieve their goal. People who have come to us and listen to our presentations will be able to understand how different are we. 

Don't miss out in getting in touch with me or SGS

Please feel free to email me at if you need any help. You are still welcome to email me  eventhough you are not from Malaysia. I may divert you to my colleagues from other countries as we are a multinational company.

I am looking forward to receive your email =)