Tuesday, May 13, 2014

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Pest Management
Photo above does not belong to Carron Lee. It is an extract from internet. 

I came across with a customer who sought for an advice on treatment for store product insects of animal feed. Well, in term of treatment, there is nothing else other than fumigation treatment. The next question that he threw to me was, 'How long can it last?' To answer this question, he has to know what type of species (insects) that he is dealing with. 

Image above does not belong to Carron Lee. It is an extract from internet. 

This is because different type of species/insects will have different time length of its life cycle. Fumigation will only kill instantly of adult and larva stage. Though some claim it kills eggs and cocoon as well but there is no 100% remedy. There is still remain certain percentage of the untreated eggs and cocoons which generate the next generation of the insects.  

How to have a better control? The stakeholder has to carry out fumigation treatment on its goods periodically. By saying that, the respective person must remember to segregate the treated goods from those which have not been fumigated. Failure in carrying out this exercise will increase the chances of store product insects cross infestation. In the end of the day, the stakeholder will be very soon to see the re-infestation activity again.

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