Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pest Management Programme

Pest Management

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I think this is something worth sharing. I received an email from my existing customer, seeking my opinions on her Pest Management Programme. Throughout the years, I observed there are still a lot of people who are doubts on the effectiveness of their Pest Management Programme. Most of the time they will seek for their current pest service providers as they believe they are the right people to seek for help.

Well, I always believe you need 2 hands to clap! Pest controllers are people who can guide and share their pest knowledge with you but in term of environment of infestation and people management in your plant, that will be your strength and not the pest controllers. Ideas of input which given by the pest controllers, can only be your references. You cannot copy and use it 100% without any modification.

In order to have good Pest Management Programme, you may come out with a good write up. However, the write up or SOP of the programme needs to include your action plan. Set a timeline for things to be moved. Prioritize your task! Review the action plan periodically. From SOP, you may create a lot of checklists. Don't let your data flying piece by piece. Action plan should be displayed in a big table format with consolidation of your findings. By this point of view, you will have a helicopter view and understand your problem in a clearer view. Include your risk analysis (safety and pest risk)! Pest carries germs and contaminate your food and pest controller brings in pesticides. You need to have a control on this.

Last but not least, do your own data analysis. Pests run! Your pattern of infestation will be running all year round too. Your programme needs to run together with the pest. Do not assume 1 programme can be used forever. 

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