Thursday, April 19, 2012


Photo above is copyright of Carron Lee

The place which I've visited was infested with wood borers. I would say it was quite badly damage and as what I will always ask my customers,'Is there possible for you to discard the infested items?'

However, not all the time they will discard their furnitures for individual reasons. From pest control point of view, the only method to treat the infested property will be fumigation treatment. If the items are removable, we will advise the customers to pile up the items and by providing they have an ideal place for the fumigators to carry out the treatment at the external compound. Otherwise, if the items are not removable, we will carry out space fumigation by fumigating the entire property. 

Photo above is copyright of Carron Lee

How to detect if your furniture is infested by wood borer? Look at the first photo, you will see saw dust coming out from your furniture and holes will be created. Second point will be by observing on the floor. (Please refer to Photo 2) Again, saw dust will be seen at everywhere. Please take note, some people might mistaken between infestation of wood borers and dry wood termites. Both generating saw dust but wood borer generates fine saw dust. 

The above photo does not belong to Carron Lee. It is an extract from  internet.

Some might think of carry out residual spraying treatment at the infested furniture. Well, you can do that but to be honest, that is just a temporary solution. After a short period, you will be seeing same scenario happens again. Reason is, chemical from residual spraying does not really penetrate into your wood and the wood borers are still deep inside it. 

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