Monday, April 9, 2012

Cockroach Infestation at Production Plant

I often hear people mentioning,'We are certified with HACCP, ISO 22000 and etc.' What caught my mind is, what makes Food & Beverage industry different from a food manufacturing plant? Both industries are dealing with food. In fact for food manufacturing plant, they will divide their plants into sensitive areas and non-sensitive areas. Non-sensitive areas mean pest controllers are allowed to carry out pesticides application and sensitive areas will be areas which pest controllers are prohibited from carrying out any pesticides treatment; but does that mean their sensitive areas are 100% free from pests?

However, if you step into F&B outlet, cockroaches infestation is not a big 'Hoo HA!' It's very common for you to see cockroaches harbouraging around at their dining area or the hottest place will be their kitchen. So, does that mean if they are certified with food certification, they are not allowed to carry out any pest control treatment? Their food is expose in the kitchen and do you want to categorise their kitchen as sensitive area and no pesticides treatment is allowed? It does not make sense at all and to my understanding, F&B outlets will still continue with their necessary pesticides treatments by taking a tight precaution. And why not food manufacturing plant?

I came across to a customer who is asking for help on their cockroaches infestation. The production is categorise as sensitive areas and a lot of them do not dare to carry out any pesticides treatment because  afraid of getting NCR from their auditors. The food is expose. They do not dare to take the risk.

If you see the entire flow and understand on the food certification clauses, pesticides treatment is allowed if you need to do so. Can you tolerate if you see cockroaches popping out from your machines? What does it mean? It shows your production plant is infested with cockroaches and at another angle, you are protecting your food from exposing to pesticides but you are allowing your food to expose with germs! Germs which carry by pests!

So, the bottom line here is to carry out necessary pesticides treatment at your sensitive areas by showing proof to the auditors that your sensitive areas are free from chemical residue after the application. You may need to pay extra for the additional service on top of the pest control treatments, but it's worth paying for the food business. 

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