Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ants Infestation-Troubleshooting By Customer

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Ouch! Ants!! What shall you do? Most of the people who have engaged pest control services will pick up their phone and asking for help. Pest controller will make his trip to attend the customer's call. However, there are some places where you can't tolerate to wait for their arrival. So, what can you contribute in doing a troubleshoot control?

1) Identify what are the attractants to the ants. Remove it!

2) Try to identify the route of ants trail. Please inform your pest controller on the findings of the ants   route upon their arrival.

3) Take a wet cloth (preferable wet with some cleaning solution) to wipe away the ant's trail. Ant's trail is created by their trail pheromone. Once you wipe, you will wipe away the ants together with their trail pheromone. Apparently, the ants will get lost without the presence of their trail pheromone.

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