Friday, April 13, 2012

3 Tips On How To Bring Your Pest Graph Down!

A lot of people out there may think pest control job is as easy as ABC. To be exact, pest control needs a lot of studies, patience and technically understand on how does the pest behave. Here are my 3 tips on how to bring down your pest infestation. 

1) Understand The Pattern of Infestation

Regardless what type of pests, the first thing before we start any treatment, we shall understand the pattern of infestation. We need to be focus on what type of pest are we dealing with. For example, if you are controlling site which deal with rats infestation, the pattern of infestation will be from External to Internal. Therefore, you need to set a strong strategy for the external compound instead of the internal compound. Internal control will be the second priority. 

2) Hot Spot

Identify your hot spot. You need to build strategies on how to identify and target your hot spot. Do not take a hose and splash all over the place. Once you manage to identify the hot spot and apply the right strategies, you are actually bringing down the graph of infestation.

3) Do Your Pest Analysis

Do not be lazy in doing your study! Do Pest Analysis! Analyse your data collection and study the changes of the pest infestation. The pest will not stay at the same place for all the time, waiting for you to attack. Their hot spot and behaviour will change too, so you need to change your strategy and direction as fast as the pest.

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