Thursday, February 9, 2012

Do you really think weekly fogging will help?

'What shall I do? I need help here. My building is infested with mosquitoes. Customers are complaining especially at night when that's the peak hours for pub business. I did weekly fogging but it does not help.'

That's the phone call I received from one of my friends and she is asking help from me. When I heard weekly fogging...well, that's the wrong step you have taken; if you are one of them. You do not need weekly fogging if you want to get rid of mosquitoes. In fact, weekly fogging will create resistance to the mosquitoes. Instead of controlling the 'PURE EVIL', you are actually making them to be stronger.

Urghhh...OK.... I admit I have made mistakes on the fogging treatments few years back and there's where I've learned, you can't actually do weekly fogging. Like everyone else, those days I always think that increase frequency of fogging will help the scenario but it's actually not. I consulted my professor and according to him, the maximum we can go for fogging treatment is only fortnightly, which means twice per month. On top of that, we need to do chemical rotation. Mosquito control will not be effective if you are rotating the same group of chemicals. That's the key word of it.

Besides fogging treatment, please remember to carry out larvaciding treatments at the same time. Fogging is only to target on the adult mosquitoes and larvaciding is to kill the mosquito larvae. Never ever think that your pest controller can do magic for you. Each individual shall take effort in controlling the mosquitoes infestation.

The best way to get rid of mosquitoes is source reduction. You need to ensure the environment is clean and there's no stagnant water lying around. Environment maintenance and housekeeping are very important for mosquito control.

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