Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pest Control Clauses in PAS 220:2008

As mentioned in my earlier post, I will be sharing with my readers on the pest control clauses which stated in PAS 220:2008. This can actually help you to have a better understanding on the pest control focus point in food certification auditing system.

Below are the quoted clauses from PAS 220:2008:-

Clause 12: Pest Control
Hygiene, cleaning, incoming materials inspection and monitoring procedures shall be implemented to avoid creating an environment conducive to pest activity.

Clause 12.2: Pest Control Systems
There must be a person nominated to manage pest control activities and/or deal with appointed expert contractors.

Pest management programmes must be documented and address plans, methods, schedules, control procedures and where necessary, training requirements.

Programmes must include a list of chemicals which are approved for use in specified areas of the establishment.

Clause 12.3: Preventing access
Buildings must be maintained in good repair. Holes, drains and other potential pest access points must be sealed.

External doors, windows or ventilation openings shall be designed to minimize the potential for entry of pests.

Clause 12.4: Harbourage and infestations
Storage practices should prevent the availability of food and water to pests.

Material found to be infested shall be handled in such a way as to prevent contamination of other materials, products, or the establishment.

Potential pest harbourage (e.g.: burrows, undergrowth, stored items) shall be removed.

Outside storage areas and items stored outside must be protected from weather and pest manage.

Clause 12.5: Monitoring and detection
Pest monitoring programmes shall include the placing of detectors and traps in key locations to identify pest activity. A map of detectors shall be maintained. Detectors and traps shall be designed and located to prevent potential contamination of materials, products or facilities.

The specification requires that detector and traps must be robustly constructed and tamper resistant. Of course they must be appropriate for the target pest.

Detectors and traps shall be inspected at a frequency intended to identify new pest activity. The result of inspections shall be analyzed to identify trends.

Clause 12.6: Eradication
Evidence of infestations must be dealt with promptly.

The use of pesticides must be restricted to trained operatives and controlled to avoid risk to product safety hazards.

Records of pesticide use shall be maintained to show the type, quantity and concentrations used; where, when and how applied, and the target pest.

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