Thursday, September 15, 2011

Campus Infested With Rats

Let me share with you on my team experience in controlling rats at a campus. I bet no one will like rats and what else seeing rats running around in a campus. I must admit this is a challenging job to me and glad that we manage to control it.

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In order to control rats, or other pests, the first thing you need to do is listening to your customers. Get as many feedbacks as possible because that will actually help you to micro your investigation. Most of the time, when you have rats infestation, it is normally come from your drainage system or above ground will be passing through the perimeter of your fencing area.

Second thing which I will normally do for rats infestation is, go up to the roof top to view at the environment. Get the helicopter view. Understand the environment. 

(The above photo does not belong to Carron Lee and is an extract from internet)

Rats infestation always come from external to internal compound. It's the environment which trigger the infestation at a building. Rat does not bring in by human. However, if the people in the building lack of pest management knowledge, they will actually make the infestation becoming worse. Therefore, human plays a big role here.

After understanding on the environment, you need to find out the drawing line between curing and prevention method:-

1) If your building has infested with rats, you need to have curing treatment. Think of a way on how to trap and catch each of the rat in the building. Basically this is the internal treatment. 
2) While you are carrying your curing treatment, you need to prevent the rats from invading to your internal compound again; or else I don't see the successful point of it. 
3) Obviously when you come to prevention, you need to do exclusion. Proof all the holes or any potential entry points. 
4) Lastly, not forgetting you still have rats running around at the external compound. Therefore, you need to ensure your pest controller to carry out external treatment as well.

A lot of people will be thinking to continue with their normal routine treatment once they have successfully bring down the level of infestation. To be honest, I do not agree. 

(The above photo does not belong to Carron Lee and is an extract from internet)

For example, if your weight is 100kg and throughout the slimming process, you have managed to bring down your weight to 50kg, isn't it a successful story? When you achieve your goal, you will think of ignoring the slimming programme because you have spent a lot and is time to save your money in the pocket. However, have you ever thought of how many ladies out there can actually maintain their beautiful figure in long run? Well, I will not say there's none but the percentage of ladies who gain back the weight is there. In a nutshell, if you want to maintain your beautiful figure after spending for so much, you need a maintenance programme. 

The above scenario can actually bounce back to our rats infestation control. After you have achieved your goal in getting your acceptance tolerance level, you need to come out with your maintenance programme.  This will actually help you to save your cost in long run. When the infestation is under control, you are actually protecting your building from being damage by rats.

Another advice on rats control will be, BE PATIENT! Don't expect the infestation can be suppressed over night. Illustrate back on the slimming programme. It takes time!

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