Thursday, September 8, 2011

Are You Having Rat Infestation At Your House?

There's time where people come to me,"Ouch! My house is infested with rats. What shall I do? I need help!" When those questions post to me, my mind will normally freeze a minute. This is because, I get use in giving advise to a larger scale instead of a house. The ways of controlling are different.

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When you come to individual houses, ways of controlling are much easier. However, in term of effectiveness, you will hardly get a brilliant result. First of all, if your house is infested with rats, you need to understand type of house that you are staying now. Is it condominium, terrace houses, semi-d or bungalow? 

For your information, rats infestation always come from external to internal compound. Therefore, if you always wondering where is the source; then it will be your environment, landscaping and drainage system. By you alone taking the effort, you will not be able to control the rat infestation. 

If you stay in a condominium, you need to inform your Property Management. Let them play the role by informing their pest controller. The very first thing is, they need to manage the environment of your residential and that's the reason why you are paying the maintenance fees. Internally, if your house is infested with rats, you may use rat cage, glue board or rat bait. If you choose to use rat bait, please be alert that you may be facing dead rat problem.

Terrace house. Well, because of you not paying to the Property Management to maintain your surrounding, you need to maintain the environment by yourself. However, as I mentioned earlier, if you are the only one who is taking the effort, it will not help much. Same as the above. Internally, if infested with rats, try to use rat cage, glue board or rat bait. Your choice. 

Semi d or bungalow houses. The controlling system is better for these type of houses. Reason is, semi-d and bungalow is a property where the owner can manage the entire environment individually. Internally infested, you may apply the same method as I mentioned earlier but you can do extra thing. You may like to control the external compound as well. Again, this is depend on how heavy is the infestation. You may check at the surrounding if there is any rat's burrows. If yes, do the counting. Throw some rat baits in the burrow, after some time close the burrows and monitor it periodically. If the number of burrows are getting less, it shows the infestation is improving. If there's no burrows, you may scatter the rat bait at some hidden area in the garden.

Besides the above tips, if you see any broken window or ceiling, please proof it. Proofing is very important for rat control.

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