Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ants Infestation At Food Production Plant

(The above photo was an extract from internet and does not belong to Carron Lee)

Are you facing the problem with ants infestation at your production plant? You may be thinking it's not a matter because you can always call up your pest controller to solve it. 

Well, for those who are well known with the requirements in manufacturing, production is actually classified as a sensitive area. This means that we are not allowed to apply any chemical at the sensitive area, due to the requirements of your certifications, such as HACCP, BRC, ISO 22000 and etc. So, how are you going to solve the problem?

This incident came to me few years back and my customer was actually running a production plant. He was facing ants infestation problem and trust me, just name the place and there's crazy ants, Paratrechina longicornis running all over the place.

Paratrechina longicornis
(The above photo does not belong to Carron Lee. It was an extract from internet)

I inspected the entire production floor and found cracks and crevices. My advice to them was before covering up the cracks and crevices, carried out a spring cleaning at the production floor. Dismantle as much as you can of your equipments in the production area, including the conveyor belt. (Please take a look at the above first photo) This was how exactly the production floor look like and YES! Dismantle the huge piece or big junk there. Don't ask me how much to be dismantled. Just do your best!! After that, use hot water and flush at the entire production floor including your equipments. Don't be surprise that you may solve your own problem just by doing that, without a pest controller.

OK. Back to my customer's scenario. He actually followed my advice and the next day he called me up and gave me his appreciation note. He was actually surprise to find out that, there was a lot of ants sub nests hiding in between the metal plates of the equipments at his production floor. When he flushed with hot water, the entire nest, including eggs and nymphs were actually been flushing out too. And there's the remedy! Without him taking the effort in dismantling the equipments and the spring cleaning exercise, we won't be able to solve the problem so fast and from then on, he has a peace of mind by not having ants problem. Honestly, without the cooperation from the customer like him, and even if the area can be sprayed; no matter how much chemical we applied, we will never be able to help him because the root cause is actually at their equipments.

You see? My customer did not pay me extra to carry out additional treatment. I just gave him an advice and his problem has been solved. It's all about how much effort you spend in managing your entire area. 

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