Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pest Management Vs Pest Control

What is exactly pest management and pest control? How do you define it? Well, to me...I will look at it this way...


What comes to my mind when people mention about Pest Management; it should be more on paper works and management skills. You need to manage your documents, manage your pests, manage your customers and manage the environment.

As I always tell my customers and friends, in order for you to understand on how to manage your pest, you need to know on how to manage the pest's food and water resources and their shelters. Minimise the level of pest infestation with these 3 things and indirectly, you are managing your pests. In another point, you are actually doing pest prevention method before situation becoming worse and I always classify pest management as a prevention method.


When you need pest control, it should be shown like the above photo. You need a rescuer to solve your pest problems. Hands on man with strong technical background. The person may not be good in documentations but they know what are they doing and can solve your pest infestation problems. When you need rescuer means you want someone to cure your problem. Therefore, I will classify pest control as a curing method.

Everyone says PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE, so, I believe everyone needs to start with Pest Management before you ask for Pest Control. :)


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