Saturday, August 20, 2011

Doubts by Reader-How To Control Ants Infestation?

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"His house now infested with ants. Dunno what to do. They're everywhere. 

Ceiling, electrical points; u name it, they're there. Can advise?"

The above sentence was quoted from a friend of mine who was asking help at his brother's house. Does the description sound serious? My advice to him was to get ant bait and carry out baiting system. If you want to know more on how does baiting system work on ants, please read How Does Baiting System Work On Ants and Termites?

In order to protect your house from infested by ants, the first step that you may consider will be, to engage your pest control service on monthly basis. I don't write this sentence because I'm in pest control industry but the fact is, it's really help. Each month, your pest controller apply chemical at the perimeter of your house which actually helps you to build a chemical barrier and it helps you to cut down your ants and cockroaches infestation problem. You saw their liquid which pumped out from their sprayer was colourless and perhaps odourless. You may think they are spraying water but they actually help you to spray a layer of chemical residue which diluted with water at your skirting surface. If you don't believe me, try to engage for a year or at least 6 months. Within that period, monitor on the frequency which your house will get infested with ants. After 6 months or a year, stop engaging and leave it as it is. To be fair, you may take into consideration to monitor for 6 months or a year. It's called before and after exercise for an experiment. Do the counting of infestation frequency and compare it with the earlier result. Then, you will know what am I talking about.

If you want to skip the first step and yet your house infested with ants. What shall you do? Your options will be taking your aerosol to spray or use ant bait. Bear in mind. The active ingredients in the aerosol (Malaysia) is under Pyrethroid group. Pyrethroid chemicals will actually cause irritation to the ants and end up with budding system, which will make the infestation becoming worse. You may read my post on Ant Bait. I touched on how does budding system work in the previous post.

If you decided to use ant bait, please walk around and check out their entry points. When you see ants trail, follow the trails and you will see they normally come out from an entry point at the cracks and crevices. Sketch the layout and identify as much entry points as possible. After that, you may start applying your bait at the infested area. You need to be patient when it comes to baiting system. Leave it for few days and when the colony has been properly eliminated, the next step should be applied.

Remember my previous post, where I mentioned about PREVENTION BETTER THAN CURE? What is actually prevention and curing meant in pest management? If you notice, the earlier explanations were actually guiding you on how to cure your infestation. 

And now, you need to learn how to prevent from the re-infestation. Back to the above diagram. Those are your key points. Remember, earlier I asked you to identify on the entry points? You may take silicone to seal the entry points by now. By doing this, you are actually managing the shelters of the ants and minimising their entry points or potential harbouraging and their breeding ground. 

Last step will be managing the ants food and water resources. Keep your place clean. Wash your plates and mugs immediately. Do not leave it lying down for hours or days!! Sweep the floor daily and all the housekeeping rules will come into the picture.

Hope the above explanations will help the readers.


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