Sunday, August 28, 2011

Business Partner Vs Service Provider

Have you ever asked yourself, are you having Business Partner or Service Provider for your Pest Management? What are the differences between these two and how much will it impact your business by engaging Business Partner or Service Provider?

In my life, I always prioritize my tasks. By prioritizing, it will actually help me to have a clearer picture and more organize in allocating the budget and either to engage a business partner or service provider to work with. Task with high impact to the organisation, I will normally look for business partner and low impact will be under service provider range. 

Why Business Partner?

Business partner will be someone that you trust and comfortable to work with. In some circumstances, you need to be transparent with your business partner because you need to have a mutual understanding with him/her. Without trust and understanding, you won't be able to achieve your goal. 

When you engage business partner in your pest management, it shows that you care for your pest infestation. You trust your business partner. You are in trouble and there's no one else you can turn to, except your business partner. Your business partner gives you solutions on his/her opinions or suggestions and you don't have doubts on his/her expertise. This is because you trust your business partner. Without delay, you will try it out and if it's failed, you won't blame your business partner. In fact, you will have a mutual discussion and this is what you call TEAM WORK! 

I believe in team work very much. Without a team, someone will not be able to achieve his/her goal. There are many times where people only think, team work will only exist within your own colleagues working under 1 umbrella. I will advise you to change your perception, if you are one of them. We can actually have a massive team work even with your current service provider. Change your service provider as your business partner. Talk to them more and share your problems with them. If your service provider gives you good consultations or guidance and you build a trust on them, you can actually change their status from service provider to business partner. 

Like me, I don't always give advice or consultation to anybody. I will only help those who trust me and friends who come to me. Your friendship chemistry must be there as a business partner. If I gave you my consultation on pest previously, this means I have treated you as my friend, rather than just a customer. 

Service Provider

To me, service provider is someone who will only provide you with their service because they are paid for it. When you have problems, they will tell you the reasons and give you solutions with charges. As a service provider, they will normally treat you more as a customer.

How and when to engage Business Partner?

As what I have mentioned earlier, prioritize your tasks and study the impact to your business. By doing this, I believe you will be able to find the answer. 

In Pest Management, the very first question will not be understanding between Business Partner and Service Provider. I would prefer you to understand and question yourself on how important is the pest infestation to you? Does study on the level of pest infestation important in your business? How much impact will it be to your organisation or business? Do you actually need a Pest Management or a Pest Control?

Let's think!!!

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