Friday, July 22, 2011

How To Control Heavy Cockroaches Infestation?

Your F&B outlet infested with cockroaches? Office too? Impossible? Ermm...Infestation can happen anywhere and it depends on how you manage it. So, what will your pest controller recommend to you? Increase frequency of residual spraying? Do misting or gelling treatment? Well, if you ask me, you need to study the level of cockroach infestation at your current situation, understand on the pattern of infestation and finding of your hot spot!

Recommendations by your pest controllers are correct but don't apply blindly. Study and understand the pattern of infestation and follow by appropriate treatment application. So, does chemical rotation is one of the factor to be included. Oh, well...of course! How often you do chemical rotation, is depends what type of pest are you dealing with and take into consideration of their life cycle. Please remember! Rotate the group of chemical and not rotate the brand of chemical. 

So, you may be asking how to study the level of infestation? The first thing you shall do is, by placing the cockroach traps randomly. Few days later, collect the count of cockroaches. Don't just do counting for the sake of getting numbers of the cockroaches. If possible, identify it according to caste. Caste identification will be able to help you in finding the hotspot of infestation. This will help the technicians easier to tackle the problem. You want to target area which have high count on female cockroaches because they produce the next generation. You want to target area which have high count on first instar of the nymphs, because it tells you that that's the new infestation spot. 

Then it will come into picture, which area you shall carry out residual spraying, when to carry out misting treatment and lastly use your gelling treatment to tackle areas which you still find cockroaches. This method applies to office infestation as well. Last but not least, a professional pest controller shall conclude the treatment with a proper infestation report and consultation on room for improvement for your customer.

As what I always tell my customer. The treatment for your current pest infestation at your outlet/premise is called curing. Advices on pest management such as how to maintain your building structural and sanitation program is actually a prevention method of your future pest infestation. 


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