Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Doubts By Reader-How To Control Cockroach Other Than Chemical Application?

After my post on How To Control Heavy Infestation Of Cockroaches, I have someone sent me an email asking how to control German cockroach (Blattela germanica) at his F&B outlet other than chemical application. Well, my first thought was, didn't I post it in the earlier post where I advised the pest controller should do trapping and come out with a pest analysis on the infestation status? Understand the pattern of infestation and target at the hotspot? But, after some thoughts, I believe I shall share more.

If you want to have a better control, you must understand the points behind pest management. You have Manager in an organisation, to manage people. So, in order for you to control your pest, you should learn how to manage your pest first. You may be thinking, it's not easy to manage pest where you can't communicate with them and what I'll tell you is; Nothing is Easy or There's no Easy Way. Just think like a pest and you will know what you should do next.

Like what I always tell my customers, you hire me to control your pest. Things that my teams are currently doing is to CURE your pest infestation and that's just not enough. You need PREVENTION. PREVENTION BETTER THAN CURE. When you come to prevention, you may start to talk other things other than chemical application. You need to think and find out where does your pest stay? Where are the food and water resources for them. If you able to tackle and manage their shelter, food and water; well, you are actually managing your pest.

For example, I always see F&B outlets like to use the rattan basket in the kitchen or even at the dining hall. With the empty basket, you may not see anything. If you put  serviette or table napkin, cutleries and left it unattended, you may see cockroaches hiding in between the basket and  the utensils. This is because the design of the rattan basket is perfect and is their favourite harbouraging area. It creates numerous crevices which just match with their behaviour. Cockroaches like to harbourage in a tiny gap because they like their body to be touched with surface. They feel secured and comfortable. This applies to the same explanation with the corrugated cardboards.

Does it look familiar to you? This is the sample of corrugated cardboards. If you seen German cockroach's nymphs before, then you will know that they actually are very small and tiny. This explains to you that, they can sneak themselves to a very very very tiny holes/gaps. The photos which I am showing you can actually invite the adults to harbourage around too. Well, not sure how much do you know about cockroach culture. If you seen Entomologist cultures cockroaches in a lab before, there's no big deal for me to tell you that, they actually create a perfect shelter for the cockroaches in an aquarium by allocating these type of corrugated cardboards.
So, how to get rid of these things? You should think or find a way, to minimise the usage of the rattan basket and the corrugated cardboards. Do not leave these 2 things lying unattended for a long period. If possible, try to eliminate it. By doing this, you are actually managing the cockroaches' shelter and indirectly you are managing the infestation. First point by controlling cockroach without chemical application.

Next will be managing your water resources to your pest. If you are facing this problem; as shown in the should take an immediate action. Do not delay anymore. You are exposing your water resources to your pest. Cockroaches have small size of body. One drip of water is sufficient enough for the cockroaches to consume. Second point, manage your cockroach infestation without chemical application.
Last but not least, manage your food debris at your F&B outlet. This will come into your housekeeping and sanitation programme. To you is just a food debris but to cockroaches, it will be their Shark Fin and Abalone. So, do not leave your kitchen sink, dining hall, drains and utensils left unwashed overnight. Third point, manage your cockroach infestation without chemical application.

My advice to you will be, try to work along with your current pest controller. They may be able to generate a report and highlight to you on all these things which you may overlook on your pest management attention. Try to sit back and think for a minute. Do you classify your current service as pest control or pest management? Are you paying for pest control or pest management? What's the difference between pest control and pest management? Do you need a partner to work with or a service provider? =)

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