Sunday, June 26, 2011

Insecticides Modes of Action-Part 4

Organochlorine insecticides affect the chloride channel by inhibiting GABA receptor. GABA receptor has its inhibitory function.

(The above photo represents GABA receptor)

When the organochlorine insecticides bind to GABA molecule, the neurotransmitter can no longer close the gate.

(The above photo represents GABA gate)

(The above photo represents organochlorine insecticides)

(Top View)

(Side View)

Based on the above photos explanation, it tells us when the GABA receptor binds with the insecticides, it can no longer close the gate. Thus, there is nothing to stop the electrical charge from continuing down to the neuron and ending up with overstimulation of the nervous system.

Bifenazate affects GABA-gate. It reacts as the same action as GABA receptor will cause. This means it closes GABA-gate which causes nerve impulses unable travel down to the chloride channel.


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