Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Insecticides Modes of Action-Part 3

Due to my tight schedule of work, it has been a period that I have left out my Pest Management blog. If you have missed my previous posts, I will advise you to read it according to flow before you continue with Part 3.

Today I will be writing the modes of action for insecticides as cholinesterase inhibition and acetylcholine receptor stimulation

Cholinesterase Inhibition

Very well know group of chemical Organophosphate and Carbamate are falls into this group modes of action. The chemical will actually bind to the enzyme (cholinesterase) which normally take the functions in breaking down the ACh after it has carried its message to the synapse.

Back to the above photo. Your ACh represents by the water tap. After filling up the cup, you will turn off the tap with your hand. So, for the above explanation. Visualise water tap as ACh and your hand as cholinesterase. But how 'bout if your hand sticks with something as shown in the below photo?

Imagine you can't move your hands and you need to turn off the water tap. You can't help much by just allowing the water to keep on flowing. So, in this scenario the object represents the insecticide. The insecticides will bind to the enzyme (cholinesterase) (visualise as your hand) and allowing the neurotransmitter (Ach) continues to send its electrical charge to the receiving neuron. This will cause overstimulation of the nervous system and the insect dies.

Acetylcholine Receptor Stimulation

Neonicotinoid mimic the action of neurotransmitter (Ach). This time cholinesterase will not be affected. Although it's not affected, the nerve will continue stimulated by the neonicotinoid itself, it will lead to overstimulation of the nervous system and leads to poisoning and death.

It can visualise by the football team.

You need 11 players of each team in soccer. Red Team vs Blue Team. If we clone each player from Red Team, it will end up with 22 players vs 11 players from Blue Team. Things will be imbalance and Red Team will be overshooting Blue Team.


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