Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Insecticides Modes of Action-Part 2

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Neurotransmitter is a chemical messenger. Different neurotransmitter work at different sites of the nervous system. Some neurotransmitter are excitatory and some are inhibitory. Excitatory is signal which keep on sending through the synapse to the receiving neuron and inhibitory means signal which is blocked from sending over to another neuron.

Neurontransmiter which both human and insects have in common are acetylcholine (ACh) and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). These are the 2 common important targets of some insecticides. ACh can either excite or inhibit; depending on its targeting neurons.

Let's visualized! Look at the above photo. The water tap can be visualized as ACh. ACh acts as excitatory or inhibitory; which means it functions exactly the same as water tap. You turn on the water tap, water will flow out with the purpose to fill the plastic cup...and you can visualize the plastic cup as our receiving neuron. From the pipe to the cup. Pipe illustrates as sending neuron and cup as receiving neuron...and your main point here is to damage the water tap. The damage of the water tap (ACh) will only be allowing the water to keep on flowing or not flow at all! This phenomenon will disrupt the insect's nervous system and you willl be able to kill them.

GABA is an inhibitors. This means that, the damage of water tap (GABA) can be only turned off and the water stops flowing. In biological, GABA is a neurotransmitter which once it stimulates, the nerve impulse will stop. Mmm...Yup! My visualisation comes again. That's right!! We visualize water as nerve impulse.  

So are my readers with me now? Back to the previous post, Insecticides Modes of Action-Part 1, how the above images connect with below?!

The above water tap explanation is just illustrating this piece of paper...

The neurotransmitter reaction from the back of the paper to the front of the paper.

If you miss my previous posts and you are confused, please read according to flow.


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