Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Introduction of System and Services Certification (SSC) Division

Well, I would like to share a bit of our SGS SSC Division. I know it's nothing related with pest management but the advantage of me joining SGS is to learn more things other than pest management. Most of the time when I meet up with my customers, I will tell them more about my company because I am actually not working in a pest control company. I am actually working in a company which can provide more other services other than pest management. Pest management is just part of their additional service to the customers.

SGS is actually a very well known company in global. They are strong in inspection, certification and verification. Since that I was in KL office today, I grab the opportunity to ask and learn more on SSC. SSC is our certification division. I will not elaborate in details but I will give a brief introduction on what are the certifications that we can actually provide.

Besides than certification, we actually provide training to our customers. We provide training solutions. Those training are as below: -

a) Awareness Courses
b) Internal Auditor Courses
c) Lead Auditor Courses
d) Auditor Conversion Courses

To my understanding, our core on certification is on ISO 9001 when the certification standards are introduced in Malaysia in many years back. According to our SSC GM, at the initial stage a lot of global companies would engage or appoint SGS to be the inspector and certification body in order for their goods to be exported to their respective countries. And that's how SGS get well known. We provide ISO 9001:2008 audit, certification and training services.

Besides than ISO, we are very good in auditing food safety and quality. What makes this food safer than others? We are here to to audit, certify and train our customers on how to make the food safer than others. The content of the above booklet are as below: -

1) ISO 22000 & FSSC 22000
3) GMP - General manufacturing practice is the basic for all these certifications
4) BRC GLOBAL STANDARDS - If your food export to UK, you need to have this standard
5) IFS - This is International Food Standard
6) SQF (Safe Quality Safe)
8) AHA (Allergen Management)
10) and TRAINING

Nowadays everyone is talking about Green Building but what actually do you need in order to fulfill your Green Building theme? Definitely for the first step, you need to have ISO 14000:2004 Environmental Management Systems Standard. On top of ISO 14000:2004, we actually have the below listed certifications in order to assist and help our customers in achieving their goals.

1) ISO 14064-1/2/3:2006-Greenhouse Gas Validation and Verification
2) PAS 2050:2008-Products and Services Carbon Footprint Verification
3) ISO 14067-1/2-Carbon Footprint of Products-Quantification/Communication

OHSAS 18001 is a very well known certification instead. So, nothing much for me to introduce cause I bet most or majority of the companies are heading or some industry like oil and gas, OHSAS is a must certification.

 And the last one will be Medical Devices Ceritification. When the first time I heard about this certification, I was rolling my eyes. We actually have this certification for customers who makes gloves, syringers and etc. I believe most of the medical devices that we see in the hospital requires this type of certificate and it's called ISO 13485:2003.

Wow! What an impressive company I have joined? And that is only all about SSC? Do you think with all these knowledge and information from SGS, I will be able to form a good quality well trained team to serve my customers? I have confident that I can do it and I will make sure it works!!! And this will be the first point on how different are we from the rest of pest management service provider.

If you are interested to know more about SGS, you may visit our website.


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