Thursday, April 14, 2011

How does baiting system work on cockroaches?

Last week my post was about, How does baiting system work on ants and termites? And this week, I will be sharing with you on cockroaches baiting system? What is actually the key word or key behaviour that a cockroach has in its body which makes baiting system work? Is it trophallaxis again? Does cockroach have the same behaviour like ants and termites?

Well, if you still remember my post, I have mentioned before that, trophallaxis will only exist in social insects and cockroach does not categorize in this group. So, what is the behaviour does this cockroach have?

(The above photo does not belong to Carron Lee. It is an extract from internet)

It's called canibalism. Cockroaches have cannibalism behaviour. They will eat one another. Therefore, if Cockroach A get poison by consuming baited gel, the dead body of the Cockroach A will still remain with poison. And, there's come another healthy Cockroach B and hunger for their dead friend. Without Cockroach B realising that Cockroach A is poisoned, he eaten up the body and eventually Cockroach B will die too. This will tell you why you can't see much dead body of cockroaches when you use gelling treatment or baiting system.

(The above photo does not belong to Carron Lee. It is an extract photo from internet)
But, have you ever thought of how many generations can this baiting system up to? Honestly, I dare not to comment because I don't do any research on this. But, I can share with what I heard. Some people claimed baiting system can last up to 3 generations and some claimed up to 10 generations.

(This photo belongs to Carron Lee)
Cannibalism is one of the point which make cockroach baiting system successful. However their faeces will also contain with poison. Cockroaches will eat each other faeces and extract all nourishment from the organic food source. If Cockroach B eat Cockroach A's faeces, Cockroach B will get poison and eventually will die.

Cockroach will excrete an oily liquid which normally known as body liquid. Body liquid of cockroaches has foul smell. This body liquid is known to stain fabrics, workwood and other surfaces. When Cockroach A excrete its body liquid at any of the surfaces and Cockroach B come across it and consume Cockroach A's body liquid, again, the Cockroach B will get poison and die.

The most important thing in cockroach control is to understand your infested area. If the infestation is heavy, increase the dot of gel. Monitor the consumable gels. If once a month treatment is not effective, increase the frequency of your treatment. By saying that, as a professional in pest control or pest management, we need to study on the bait averse activity and change the bait or tactic if necessary. Over increase on the frequency of bait treatment will cause you to have reverse effect too. So, what does it mean by bait averse activity? Is it the same with the term of immunity and resistant? Stay tuned and catch up my next blog.


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