Thursday, March 10, 2011

Why My Office Infested with Rats?

In this blog, I will be sharing my experience and my opinions on the pest infestation with the rest of you. Hopefully this can help you a bit on the knowledge of pest infestation.

A lot of people will be wandering why does an office can be infested with rats and cockroaches? Office is an office. Office is not a restaurant or F&B outlets which you normally can find a lot of pests. So, they will be asking people like us, from Pest Management / Pest Control companies, why we face this type of problems? Well, this is because they never thought of cross infestation by pest.

Today I would like to share with you about Why Office Infested with Rats? I have a customer who call me up and ask me to do an inspection because her office is infested with rats. She works in a documentation room and true enough I don't see any potential entry point in the room and why is the infestation occur?

When we carry out an inspection, we don't just focus at 1 area. That room might not be the source of entry point, but the surrounding is. From that room itself, I walk around and less than 100m, there's 1 exit door.

From Photo 1, you can see very clear that there is a clearance at the bottom of the door. The gap is big enough for the rats invade to your premise. From Photo 2. Can you see the doors? The doors actually cannot be closed properly eventhough it looks perfectly close from far view. If you go a bit more nearer, (Photo 3), can you see the rat's gnawed sign? It shows that, the rats actually gnaw the wooden door and eventually that's the rats entry point. This has answered your question for this building where does the rat come from. All these clearance can be closed by using bristle or rubber strip brush which you can normally get it from hardware shops.

Second suspicious of rats entry point will be this.

Your drainage hole. A lot of people never bother whether the drain is closed or if it's closed properly. Rats like to come from here. If you study the piping system, all these drainage system is connected to the external drainage and there's where rats come from. Please bear in mind. if an area infested with rats, it's always the surrounding. Rats infestation is from external compound to internal and not the vice versa. If your building does not maintain properly and there are a lot of potential entry points for the rats, then your building is in danger and will be infested. Rats control is not easy to be controlled and it takes time if the infestation is heavy. Therefore, please remember to cover the drain hole and make sure it is covered properly.


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